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one time i was at my friend’s house while her sister was getting arrested and 3 cops walk into the house one checks all the rooms and when he looks in the first bathroom there i am sitting on the toilet seat in south park boxers shaving my legs and we just lock eyes and i just kinda freeze and after like 4 seconds of absolute silence i’m like “…what seems to be the problem officer” and he shut the door on me


Now, let me be clear. If chosen, you stand alone.

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Op.PJW318, Study N°2298


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Hades, know
Love sends this gift to death—

(And bury me and go).”

Meleager, Greek Anthology by McEvilley (5)

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I feel like I have this….. Hole inside you? And it just gets bigger and bigger and darker and darker? Good. You can use it. Keeps you hungry.

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DEATH/INDOLENCE/BEAUTY/TIME; an instrumental mix for the secret history in four parts || listen

“Alas, poor gentleman,
He look’d not like the ruins of his youth
But like the ruins of those ruins.”

D E A T Hi. threnody, goldmund // ii. lag fyrir ömmu, ólafur arnalds // iii. the evil that never arrived, stars of the lid // iv. reach for the dead, boards of canada // v. still alright, pg.lost // vi. don’t get any closer, eluvium

I N D O L E N C Ei. my mind was a fog…my heart became a bomb, hammock // ii. where is my mind (the pixies cover), maxence cyrin // iii. it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter, sleepmakeswaves // iv. lichter (with an imaginal space), dirk maassen // v. first movement, clint mansell // vi. on the nature of daylight, max richter

B E A U T Yi. primavera, ludovico einaudi // ii. horizon variations, max richter // iii. song for sienna, brian crain // iv. beautiful, future world music // v. river flows in you, yiruma // vi. all things beautiful, nick cave & warren ellis

T I M Ei. i giorni, ludovico einaudi // ii. dead island (trailer theme), giles lamb // iii. the light, the album leaf // iv. we move lightly, dustin o’halloran // v. near light, ólafur arnalds // vi. then the quiet explosion, hammock

[ph.credits: xx]


Model: Grace Bol
Photographer: Julia Noni

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Work commissioned for Klô Pelgag by Benoit Paillé

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what has four legs? a table! haha, i love to have fun

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"There’s no hell that you can show me that’s deeper than my pride."

(Quote + Sherlock blue/black/yellow for freebbington)


Pink sand on Ellafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece. Pink sand is formed of tiny red organisms that grow on dead coral reefs and pieces of shells which fall to the ocean floor and are washed onto shore.

Photo credit: Jan-Erik Larsson

When the system’s wrong you gotta tear it down 


person: so what have you been up to
me: (speaking very humble) well, I just got some new carpet.. it’s plush…
person: (trying not to sound envious) pl… plush? wow. I hear thats the nicest of all carpets
me: oh it’s nothing..